We can keep your WordPress website installation and all your plug-ins up to date and run scheduled security checks to prevent breaches from hackers.

Approximately 41% of WordPress sites get hacked through vulnerabilities in their hosting platform. 29% are as a result of an insecure theme, 22% via a vulnerable plugin, and 8% because of weak passwords.

So, how can you stay ahead of the curve and keep your site safe and secure?

WordPress security

The WordPress development team maintains a sharp focus on security, so you can run WordPress with peace of mind. When WordPress developers are notified of a vulnerability, they address it, fix it, and release the newly secured software in a patch. Because most hackers use bots to trawl the internet looking for vulnerabilities in out of date WordPress sites, we can ensure your site is updated with the most recent version of WordPress.

There are multiple other ways to ensure your site is secure, of which the following are examples:

High-Quality Hosting

When we develop your WordPress website, we recommend using a VPS (Virtual Private Server). These are more expensive than public or shared servers but offer increased security and are very difficult to hack if set up by experts such as ourselves. Managing a private server involves technical knowledge, as well as responsibility for maintenance, security, and software updates. We have the skills and experience to keep your hosting secure and running the way it should – this means faster load times on your website (especially during high-traffic periods), fewer internal errors, and a reduced security risk.

Regular Backups

As part of our hosting maintenance and on-going support service, we’ll make sure your site is backed up regularly, in a secure location. This means that in the unlikely event your website is compromised, we’ll be able to retrieve important data – this reduces site downtime and keeps your users happy.

Strong Passwords

Though it may seem an obvious precaution, making sure your WordPress logins have strong passwords is crucial for ensuring security. Often, first-time WordPress bloggers are tempted to use one password for all their logins – these can fall foul to the “brute force” hacking method, whereby hackers simply try over and over to crack a password by inputting different character combinations. We create strong passwords, store them securely, and make sure they’re changed regularly. We can also limit login attempts, employ two-step authentication, and hide your login page – all of which will increase the security of your site.

Maintain Themes and Plugins

Because maintaining a site takes time, effort, and constant check-ups, it can be a difficult task to fit into your daily life. And, when coding is involved, the amateur blogger often decides to forgo maintaining themes and plugins because it simply isn’t worth the effort. However, just as the WordPress core code is updated, so should be any associated plugins. Sometimes, plugin authors abandon even fairly popular themes and plugins, meaning they become outdated and vulnerable to attack.

We can code and implement bespoke themes and plugins for your site, which we will maintain and manage to ensure they’re always up to date, secure, and working effectively. This means your site benefits from faster load times – we’ll make sure to eliminate any unnecessary plugins to increase speed – and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your site is always protected against potential hacks.

Ongoing Support

We provide on-going support and maintenance for your WordPress site. This will include monitoring, automated backups, regular plugin and code updates, and monthly updates.

We deliver you a monthly report which will contain all necessary data to inform your online strategy, including:

  • SEO
  • Performance optimisation
  • Feature implementation

With this information, we can work together to optimise your site and ensure full security at all times.

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