WordPress Development

We believe WordPress is the best package for creating content managed websites. WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management solution supported by an active community and it’s future-proof so your website can grow with your organisation. It makes it easy for you to manage content, from creating pages, news stories and events all in a user-friendly back-end.

Our pragmatic approach to WordPress development means we can tackle bespoke site designs head-on. Whether you’re looking to include password-protected membership areas, e-commerce, forums, language translation features, we have the specialist knowledge to implement it.

WordPress Theme development

WordPress themes are collections of stylesheets and templates used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress website.

We can develop a bespoke theme for you, meaning we can tailor it exactly to suite your desired style – out of the box themes can be limiting aesthetically and mean you don’t have complete creative control over how your site looks.

Additionally, most WordPress themes are designed to serve a specific purpose such as an e-commerce site or photography portfolio. If your site needs to simultaneously act as both of those, you’ll find choosing a functional theme from WordPress’s internal library very difficult.

We deliver bespoke, intuitive sites built to look exactly how you want them to. Our team are experts in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and can integrate your site with the MySQL database to ensure quick, easy retrieval of information.

WordPress Plug-in development

To improve the functionality of your site we use plug-ins tailored to your individual needs. WordPress boasts an impressive library of over 40,000 plugins that can be downloaded and used instantly.

Sometimes, though, a run-of-the-mill plug-in isn’t going to cut it. You need bespoke functionality and optimisation – that’s where our plugin development skills come into play.

We’re capable of designing a custom plugin from scratch or tweaking an existing plugin to fit your needs.

We can integrate your WordPress site with APIs, CRMs, and payment gateways to make sure it’s packed full of useful features, without suffering from slow loading speeds. The quicker a page loads, the more satisfied your users will be with their experience. This leads to increased customer interaction and improved online visibility for your brand.

Using third-party APIs, we can – for example – connect your e-Commerce order data to your Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means purchase information from customers goes straight to your inventory and WMS, reducing the need for manual data transfer.

Not only will this speed up the supply chain management process, but it’ll mean your customers receive their items faster. Happy customers are more likely to return, and with a website built to consistently deliver a smooth user experience, you’re likely to see increased brand loyalty from customers.

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