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WordPress Website Maintenance

Websites of every kind require regular maintenance, monitoring, and support to keep them performing optimally.

If your website is hacked or out of date it won’t reflect well on your brand. And, since your website is essentially your company’s shop window, a compromised site may cause customers to lose confidence in your company and its ability to handle data.

WordPress is constantly making improvements to the core software. Whether making security patches or adding features, each update that is released is important for the function and stability of your website. Keeping the core of your site up to date means keeping your site running and performing optimally. Our monthly service plan will ensure your WordPress software and plug-ins are secure, current and configured to run your site safely.

WordPress website maintenance keeps your site secure

Website security is crucial for maintaining your brand’s online reputation. Internet users are fairly well educated in the dangers of cybersafety, and if they visit your site only to be confronted with an error message expressing security concerns, it’s unlikely they’ll be back.

To avoid this, our monthly website maintenance package offers the following services:

  • Daily database backup
  • Full weekly backup of all files
  • Regular updating of all core files and plugins

Good website maintenance means your website will be protected against hackers and will work properly.


First we ensure your site is backed up at all times and that the information is stored in a secure location. Keeping a backup of your site means that should the live version be compromised, there will be a current copy which we can quickly put online. This reduces site downtime and ensures that your customers aren’t left frustrated at a site that no longer seems to exist.


Software developers roll out constant updates to their users, the likes of which you’ll have experienced in the form of a prompt on your mobile phone or computer. They do this to patch security breaches or fix bugs, and a website requires the same level of maintenance to keep it functioning effectively.

We ensure you never have to deal with corrupted code or outdated plugins – our ongoing maintenance and support service means we’ll periodically update your site features to keep them safe, secure, and running smoothly.

WordPress Security

The WordPress development team maintains a sharp focus on security, so you can run WordPress with peace of mind. But, WordPress is open source, meaning its code is susceptible to vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. To protect against this, MKX will ensure that your site is up to date with the latest official WordPress security requirements, as well as employing the following preventative methods:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Brute force protection
  • Malware protection

The same applies to sites we have developed from scratch. In these cases, we are able to implement personalised security measures which will further increase the safety of your personal details, and those of your users.

Importance of website maintenance

Website maintenance is crucial to the success of your site. We understand the frequency at which sites need to be maintained, and the importance of constant monitoring. However, website maintenance is more than just security. It also affects the following elements:

Customer Interest

We can keep your content up-to-date and customer-centred – this attracts new users and maintains the attention of existing ones. The task itself involves ensuring contact details are correct, that forms are linked to the right inboxes, and that products, price lists, and services are up to date.


When Google crawls the internet looking for relevant sites, the algorithm looks for the “if-modified-since” HTTP header embedded in your site. If your content isn’t recent, you may find your site dropping below competitors, costing you valuable sales leads and potential customers. We understand how best to optimise your site. New, SEO-positive content is a necessity to keep your spot at the top of the search results and we can help with regular content creation.

Company Reputation and Image

Your site is the virtual window into your brand, meaning that it needs to be showcasing a company whose internal operations are in good working order. We have the skills and experience to routinely examine and modify the look and feel of your site, whilst making sure any broken links, spelling errors, and poor grammar are rectified before a customer has the chance to comment on them.

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