User Interface Design

User Interface Design (UID) ties in with UX, and involves the more practical elements of ensuring users can interact with your site. We develop a UID strategy as part of the design process and refer to it throughout the website’s development. Simplicity is key here, as we want users to visit your site, complete their given task, and leave feeling accomplished with minimal effort and time spent.

User Interface Design (UID), designers focus on working out how a user might need to interact with a website. Then, they design an online interface with elements that are accessible, easy to use, and intuitive.

Over the years, internet users have become familiar with certain interface elements, which we include in your site for optimal intuitive use. For example, input controls such as buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown lists are commonplace in most interfaces, making them a crucial part of design.

Because UID directly influences User Experience (UX), we make the most of our in-house capabilities across both fields to construct seamlessly integrated sites for a diverse mix of clients.

The UID process

When we design your site, our primary focus is on the “end user” – this is essentially an idea of who you think will be using your site, how you think they’ll be using it, and what you want them to feel when they leave.

Once this is established we construct a set of creative guidelines which we use to inform the rest of the project. These solidify colour palettes, design frameworks, technical and aesthetic considerations, fonts, and layout structure.

This set of guidelines instructs our work as we deliver an end-to-end UID service. They keep our work closely to brief, and ensure consistency throughout the design, development, and testing phases.

Because of the guidelines, we are able to ensure your site is primarily functional and intuitive, as well as a strong Return on Investment (ROI) – a site designed with UID in mind will exemplify how its framework, look, and feel is crucial to lasting success.

Benefits of UID

There are several benefits that being UID-savvy brings to our design and development process.

Usable Sites

Good UID is centred around simplicity. Every time a user accesses your site, they should be able to accomplish basic tasks with ease, and at no point should they be hindered by complicated site design. A usable site is one which demonstrates learnability, meaning users quickly come to understand how it works. Because of this, usable sites see increased success, and – if you’re a retail or online sales company, for example – increased brand loyalty.

Useful Sites

We build useful sites which allow your users to complete their tasks with ease. Your site needs to be efficient and task-focused to give it an edge over competitors – the less time it takes to complete a task on your site, the more satisfied visitors will be.This clarifies the important relationship between UID and UX – if your users leave your site confident because of a positive experience, you increase the chances of them revisiting.

Affordable Sites

Because we are able to build and test highly effective and functional websites, we avoid having to re-work fully developed sites, which saves you money.

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